Fuel Dispensing Tanks With Pumps

Secure, Safe and reliable dispensing fuel tanks

When it comes to fuel dispensers we work hand in hand with our customers to ensure that we deliver the best solution for their circumstances. We have a vast experience in supply only and installing fuel dispensers for our commercial customers across the East of England. From small 1,000 lite dispensers to large scale dispensing we have the experience to deliver whatever your organisation requires.

We have numerous options available depending on where the dispenser is located and what its use is. We have a large range of standard fuel dispensers in stock at anyone time and can react quickly to bespoke requirements.

As with all our services we are happy to provide a site visit and free quotation to help give you confidence in our recommendations.


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Plastic fuel dispensers

When it comes to plastic fuel stores or fuel stations there are a number of benefits over the steel versions.

Plastic fuel dispensers provide a number of benefits over metal fuel stations, however there are pro's and con's in both and our knowledgable and friendly team can advise what would work best for you.

Plastic tanks are lightweight, which tends to make them an easier and often cheaper to install. They are usually seamless which minimises the risk of leaks as seen on older plastic single skinned tanks.

Many clients are also drawn to the fact there is virtually no-maintenance required, so you will not need to repaint them to ensure they stay rust free.


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Metal fuel dipensers

There are many options to consider when investing in a fuel dispenser for your business or organisation.
We provide both of the shelf solutions and also bespoke solutions where and when they are required. Steel fuel dispensers offer a number of benefits over plastic fuel stations, however there are pro's and con's in both and our knowledgable and friendly team can advise what would work best for you.

Whether it’s diesel tanks, oil tanks or other types of fuel tanks you are looking for, steel fuel tanks are hard to beat for both longevity and security.

Steel tanks are regarded as having longer lifespan than the plastic counterparts, which are susceptible to UV degradation, never mind accidental caused by machines and vehicles, the steel tanks can withstand both UV and scrapes and knocks. f

Fuel theft has continued to rise over the last few years and it is known that plastic tanks tend to be easier to break into.  A tank constructed out of steel is harder to break into, providing better security and reducing the risks of your fuel being stolen.

Off-the-shelf solutions

In a hurry, need a fast solution, give our friendly and knowledgable team a call on 01953 713560 and they can advise you to what fuel stations we have in stock and also which ones we can have delivered in express time.

Bespoke fuel dispensers

There are times when off the shelf, just won't meet your specific requirements. In these cases there is often a bespoke solution available that will ensure you get the right solution for your situation, please do call us and discuss your requirements and we will be delighted to help.


Commercial tank and fuel management

When it comes to keeping your fuel supply in tip top condition look no further.

We work closely with a number of businesses and farms to ensure they store their fuels in the best possible manner so they always have fuel when they need it.

To contact us about your fuel management please do get in touch on 01953 713560.




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