Single skinned oil tanks

plastic oil tank 1000 BSASingle skin oil tanks provide no form of secondary containment.  Therefore in the event of and damage or substantial wear to the tank causes a leak will result in a pollution incident?
Oil contamination on land can be very expensive to deal with and as such single skin oil tanks are not recommended and considered unsuitable for installation at agricultural, industrial and public premises.

The Oil Care Campaign (OCC) is a joint initiative between the UK environmental regulators, trade and professional bodies and industry. Their advice is:

An oil storage tank with only one layer of steel or plastic to contain the fuel is called a single-skinned tank. This type of tank gives the lowest level of protection as oil will escape if the single layer of plastic or steel is damaged. To increase the level of oil spill protection we recommend a single skinned tank is put into a constructed masonry or concrete bund, this second protective layer is called a secondary containment system. It’s important to note that basic masonry or concrete is not impervious to oil; your secondary containment will need to be sealed to create an effective bund. Legislation requires some single-skinned tanks to be located within a bund or secondary containment system.

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