We supply a range of replacement bunded oil tanks, plastic oil tanks and metal oil tanks

Anglia Oil Tank Solutions Plastic oil tanks

When it comes to heating oil tanks there is essentially a number of different options, starting with whether you choose fabricated steel or plastic. Then there are options for your heating oil tank such as single-skinned, double-skinned or integrally bunded.

Depending on where the oil tank is going to be placed and what it will be used for will help you narrow down the options. If you are in any doubt to what you might need please get in touch with our team who can guide you through all questions “oil tank” related.

Oil storage tanks are available in Plastic or Metal, both have advantages and disadvantages and we will help guide you on the best solution for your requirements.

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Plastic Oil Tanks

  • Come in a wide variety of sizes and capacities to suit most needs
  • Do not need painting
  • Can be installed straight on a base on the ground without the need to construct piers
  • Readily available fully bunded

Metal Oil Tanks

  • Offer higher levels of security offers protection against theft or vandals
  • Steel tanks do not require a solid platform – can be placed on piers
  • Are available is standard or bespoke sizes
  • Fully compliant with all legislation
  • Require ground works for tank bases

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