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Can I install a new oil tank myself?

 Building control will need to sign off the installation of any new heating oil tank. In theory it is possible for you to complete the installation yourself if you are experienced in this type of work.

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What size oil tank do I need?

Oil tanks vary in size immensely, with 650 litres at one end of the spectrum and 10,000+ litres at the other end. The best size for your home will tend to depend on a number of factors.

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How much will a new oil tank cost?

This depends massively on the type of tank, size of tank and the ease of installation. A small single-skinned oil tank can be purchased for just a few hundred pounds. Whereas a larger bunded oil tanks, with high specification, can cost several thousands of pounds.


Cracking Plastic Oil Tanks!

It is no surprise that more oil tanks than usual are cracking this year due to a number of factors, this forced the Environment Agency to issue a press release last week.

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Which Heating Oil Tank is Best?

Oil tanks are typically made from plastic or steel and can be bunded or unbunded. Steel heating oil tanks tend to be more robust than the alternative, plastic tanks, however they do require some upkeep as they can be prone to rust over time.

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What are my duties?

It is important that your oil tank is visually checked regularly and serviced annually. Your heating engineer should complete an inspection of your oil tank as part of your annual boiler service.

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