OFTEC approved oil tank servicing and installers

Keep your tank in top condition

Maintaining your existing oil tank is not always front of mind and frequently overlooked. Oil tanks have been designed to have a useful life of many years, they will eventually need to be replaced and the environment they are set in can extend or decline this timescale.

We recommend routine maintenance and this should be part of the annual service of your heating system. However, if you are unsure then we would recommend getting advice on the state of your oil tank from either your OFTEC registered technician or your local oil delivery company, both Goff and CPS Fuels will happily look over your tank and always do as part of their legal obligation when delivering.

If in any doubt we have our own technicians who can service oil tanks and also oil boilers through our associated company Anglia Heating Services, who can be contacted on 01953 713560  

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