Has your tank reached end-of-life?

We can help with tank decommissioning, cleaning and waste product disposal. With the majority of work that we do, we are asked to dispose of the old oil tank on behalf of our customer. This is no problem and whether its metal or plastic they are taken back to our workshops to be broken down prior to recycling.


Recycling oil tanks










Tank decomissioning

Domestic decommissions

Decommissioning and removing a domestic oil tank needs to be done carefully to avoid any environmental damage. As part of our service when installing a new oil tank we can always include taking away your old one and safely disposing of it for you.

Commercial decommissions

When it comes to commercial oil tanks it is important that you follow the rules when decommissioning and removing no longer used tanks. We have a wealth of experience of dealing with large tanks and tanks that have been located in awkward sites, to help get your tank decommissioned please do get in touch with one of our helpful team.




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