Plastic single skinned oil tanks

Single skinned tanks are used less and less and there are various rules and regulations to be aware of when installing either a plastic or metal tank, these include; 

  • The capacity of the oil tank must be less than 2500 litres
  • The tank must not be within 10m of controlled water (this includes watercourses such as rivers, streams, ditches and also septic)
  • The tank must not be located where a spillage could run into an open drain or loose fitting manhole cover (this includes sink wastes and domestic drainage systems)
  • The tank must not be located within 50m of a well (even disused), borehole or spring.
  • The Tank must not be located over hard ground that could enable a spillage to run off to reach controlled water (so if the tank was located at the top of a concreted driveway and it failed, then could the oil travel down the drive to the storm water drain at the bottom of it?)
  • The tank doesn’t supply heating oil to a building other than a single family dwelling (e.g. office or other commercial property, multiple occupancy buildings)
  • The tank isn’t located within a Ground Source Protection Zone 1 (this can be checked by visiting the Environment Agencies website)
  • The tank is not in an area where regional regulations require mandatory bunding – for example Wales.

This is just a few examples if you are in doubt to whether you can have a single skin tank please feel free to discuss this with our team.

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