Need to move or transfer your oil?

Moving your tank and fuel from one place to another?

If you need to move your heating oil from one tank to another, either on your premises, or transfer it to a new location, Anglia Oil Tank Solutions have the equipment and knowledge to make this easy and straightforward.

Whatever the requirement we have specialist pumping equipment that allows us to transfer all types of heating oil. If this is at the same location we can usually pump straight from one oil tank to another. If for any reason this is not possible, such as a new tank has not been installed yet we can also supply temporary tankage to store the oil on site.

It is worth noting that if you are considering transferring your heating oil from one site to another then there is a number of legal implications. All our services are fully ADR-compliant this allows us to transfer fuel on the public highway, safely and legally.   

Should it be required we can also offer to remove any unwanted heating oil from your premises and recycle this in a legal manner and the same applies to your old tank.

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