Which Heating Oil Tank is Best?

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Oil tanks are typically made from plastic or steel and can be bunded or unbunded.

Steel heating oil tanks tend to be more robust than the alternative, plastic tanks, however they do require some upkeep as they can be prone to rust over time. It is also worth considering, the extra weight of steel tanks makes them more difficult to manoeuvre so could be a limiting factor depending on where you wish the tank to be located. It's widely agreed that metal heating oil tanks tend to be more secure than the plastic counterparts.

Plastic heating oil tanks require less regular upkeep; however they could be easier for thieves to penetrate to siphon oil.

For the most effective oil storage solution we would recommend a bunded oil tank, this is simply a tank within a tank. Why is this necessary? Well, if there’s a leak in the inner tank, the outer tank will prevent oil from escaping and damaging the environment.

Plastic bunded oil tanks are the most common type of tank purchased for domestic heating oil storage, although it’s close with single skinned metal oil tanks also a popular choice.

Depending on where the tank is located will also limit your options, for example: a bunded oil tank must be used if within 10 metres of controlled water, within 50 metres of a well or spring, or positioned on hard ground that could lead to run off into controlled water.

To ensure you stay on the right side of the regulations one of our knowledgeable team will be able to advice on the right tank for you and your situation.

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