Bespoke Oil Tank

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Our customer who had a cracked 1200 ltr plastic tank in the rear garden of the property had contacted us to arrange a replacement for his existing tank.  Under the current OFTEC recommendations the existing tank was too close to the back door, the boundary and the shed.  To install a new tank in the same location would have been very difficult without fire protection works and these works would have added considerable costs to the installation.

The customer did not really want the tank in the same location or even in the rear garden so we came up with the solution to install a 1200 ltr bespoke tank (the same capacity as his original tank) on the gable end wall of his property.  The tank was manufactured to the exact needs of the location with the tank being 375mm wide x 1500mm high x 2100mm long.  This enabled us to install the tank close to the gable wall and also enabling the customer to have easy access whilst not having to have a tank in the rear garden which can be unsightly.  Also this new location nearer to the front of the property makes delivery of oil easier.

Most tank installations are fairly straightforward with off the shelf tanks suiting most locations and requirements but if the need is there for a bespoke tank with particular needs it is not a problem to have tanks designed and manufactured to suit any location.

The cost for a bespoke tank is surprisingly less than you might think.

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