Oil Tank Cleaning

Oil Tank Cleaning Services

Heating oil tanks often contain a certain level of water that accumulates over time from condensation.

When water mixes with today’s modern fuels, it can promote the growth of microbes which live in the interface, consume fuel and leave a sticky residue.

This residue can regularly block filters and cause heating to fail. Our oil tank cleaning services can help to protect against heating failure through water and microbe contamination.

Tank Cleaning

With the correct equipment and a knowledgeable team, our tank cleanings services are carried out quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption and always with a great end result.

Our work is always carried out by our own in-house team, you will never be passed over to a subcontractor and one of our team will be there to answer your questions both before, during and after the tank cleaning process. 

Option 1 – Water Removal

By simply pumping the water content from the bottom of the tank, this ensures that the oil level drops below the outlet.

Option 2 – Oil Tank Cleaning

By pumping the entire liquid contents from your tank into a holding tank to allow the water and oil to separate. A thorough internal clean of the tank, followed by the return of the clean oil and removal of the contaminate and water.

Option 3 – Oil Tank Cleaning with Fuel Polishing

As with option 2, but with your separated oil then returned to your tank through our mobile centrifuge. This ensures that the oil is perfectly clean, and all contaminated particles are removed before being returned to your tank.

Depending on the age and condition of your tank it may be worth considering a replacement oil tank our team can help advise on this,

If you would like to discuss your requirements with our knowledgeable team, please call us on 01953 713560 or e-mail office@angliaheatingsolutions.co.uk


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